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ConsolFreight Events: Blockchain2020 Meetup

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

On January 29th this year, we hosted the Blockchain2020 meetup, the first of a series of events that we will be sponsoring this year.

Together with EADA Business School and Blockchain Institute & Technology, we held a successful meetup to continue the conversation about " Scalability and Sustainable Use Cases in Finance and Global Transport."

We were happy to see that the venue was fully packed with an audience coming from diverse backgrounds, including freight forwarding, with a common interest in blockchain real use cases.

Blockchain as a differentiator in logistics

ConsolFreight's Business Development Manager, Francisco Montenegro, gave a speech about the current status of the logistics industry, including the role of freight forwarders, the advancements of freightech and how blockchain could help transform the sector.

Francisco explained the inner workings of blockchain and how it can be an enabler in promoting new services and be a source of added trust to the logistics industry.

In his words:

"When there's an event that is out of the established parameters in the smart contract, the blockchain can make an autonomous decision. What is the value proposition of this? Well, we are moving from a static system to a proactive system enhanced with predictive data, which provides added value to both, consumers and financial institutions"

ConsolFreight and the evolution of freight forwarders

Francisco also emphasized ConsolFreight's goal to empower freight forwarders by harnessing them with innovative ways to grow and develop their business.

We hope to continue to meet and interact with various industry professionals to keep learning and advancing in moving things further.

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