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New Digital Economies Through Blockchain

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Last week, our Chief Strategy Manager, Alejandro Gutierrez, joined a panel discussion about how blockchain is enabling new digital economies. The conversation held at Dogpatch Labs in Dublin, Ireland, featured fantastic presentations from panelists showcasing blockchain uses across various industries.

We wanted to share some insights from the other panelists with all of you, as well as highlight what Alejandro shared about ConsolFreight's solutions. Here's a quick wrap up of Enabling New Digital Economies through Blockchain:

Richard Crook from Lab 577 initiated the conversation with an overview of the Benefits of Digital Assets and Tokenization. He dived into how we are seeing financial institutions embracing the concept of digital assets and the improvements that tokenization can bring to the current financial services.

Following Richard, we heard from Aleksandr Kopnin, Chief Technologist at Luxoft, who discussed how they are planning to optimize International Money Transfers for credit unions accelerating from paper-based transactions to digital transaction based on DLT. Also, the importance of regulation and compliance when setting up finance operations.

We then got the opportunity to listen to Jamie Counihan, Senior Manager EMEA at Deloitte Blockchain Lab, explain the new service offerings they have created in order to cater for the end-to-end business transformations that are coming as a consequence of blockchain projects and how they are using strategic partnerships to achieve them.

Finally, Alejandro had the chance to showcase what we are doing in CF to generate financial inclusion for SMEs closing the 1.5T gap in trade finance services, and how blockchain has enabled a solution like ours to be a reality.

It is very inspiring to see how blockchain is being leveraged by many participants and various approaches. It was refreshing to see how collaboration is an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem and how companies are getting together to disrupt current processes and industries. As Alejandro Gutierrez said: "It is our duty to keep it that way."

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Madison H
Madison H
Sep 13, 2021

Awesome blog yoou have here

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